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Echantillon Unitaire - Spray - IUME

Unit Sample - Spray



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Natural and Vegan

Made in France

Discover the fragrance of your choice!

      • Do not leave within reach of children.
      • Do not swallow.
      • Do not apply to skin.
      • Our perfumes are 100% natural .
      • Handmade and in France .
      • Weight : 5g
      • Dimensions : 5.5 x 1 x 1 cm

      Unit Sample - Spray

      Perfume Descriptions:

      Rose Whisper

      Olfactory notes: Bergamot – Damask Rose – Jasmine

      Your steps lead you to a lush garden. A light breeze carries the scent of the plants that abound there to your senses. You inhale deeply, eyes closed, and try to distinguish, without looking at them, the different flowers which exude their intoxicating scents. There somewhere, hidden among all the others, you hear it, it is the whisper of the Rose.

      Honeysuckle Dream

      Olfactory notes : Bergamot – Ylang Ylang – Honeysuckle

      Italy, time for a seaside getaway. You stroll along the paths along the coast, admire the cliffs heated by the sun and let your senses soak up the scents carried by the wind.

      Wild berries

      Olfactory notes: Wild strawberries – Osmanthus – Black fig – Benzoin

      It is in the shade of a tree, intoxicated by the summer heat, that you taste these few wild strawberries found during your walk. They sparkle on your tongue, mingling with the taste of black figs full of sugar, taken with you before your departure. This is how, with your palate flooded with its flavors, you enjoy your afternoon.

      Spruce Glow

      Olfactory notes: Eucalyptus – Blackcurrant bud – Spruce – Firbalsam

      It is in the heart of a Spruce forest that you stop, your senses filled with Eucalyptus. This aromatic accord takes you out of time and you enjoy this moment of Nature.

      Mint Memories

      Olfactory notes: Mint – Rosemary – Verbena – Cedar

      It is in the shade of orange and lemon trees, protected from the crushing midday sun, that you enjoy a refreshing Nanah Mint tea from Morocco, accompanied by a touch of verbena.

      Tender Patchouli

      Olfactory notes: Ginger – Ylang-Ylang – Patchouli – Tonka Bean

      The essence of Patchouli from Indonesia as well as the spicy scent of Ginger invite you to return to yourself. These soft balsamic notes are intended to be sweet, bathing you in tenderness and serenity.

      Amber Mysteries

      Olfactory Notes: Sandalwood - Labdanum - Cedars - Myrrh

      On a cold, starry night, you admire the sky from your room, where wrapped up under a blanket, you smell the amber scent that floats in the air. This warm, rounded fragrance comforts and relaxes you. The arms of Morpheus are not very far away...

      Spice Burst

      Olfactory notes: Orange, Cinnamon, Ginger, Pine and Amyris

      Like an explosion of colors, Éclat d’Épices amazes the senses. It's a real fragrant firework that bursts into your home, revealing flavors of orange, cinnamon, ginger and pine. A whirlwind of fragrances drunk with flavor.


      Our perfumes are 100% natural, made in part from ingredients chosen from small growers. Just like them, our minerals are 100% natural. We have chosen natural to offer you a healthy object, for a moment of optimal relaxation, with immediate effect, without fear as to the formulation of the product.

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